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A collection of classic fabrics available in our warehouse. Over 800 variants available to customers that require immediate delivery. Our chosen fabrics are made exclusively from pure and blended Egyptian/Indian cotton and linen fabrics, which have undergone strict quality control right from the the harvesting of the raw material.

The cotton has been chosen because of its cleanness, gloss and sheen. Special care is dedicated to the choice of yarn is fundamental for the production of luxury, high quality fabrics with the characteristics of natural sheen, soft handle and resistance to wear.



It is the first step to evaluate the street to go, which yarns to select, which colours to choose, for which graphics and for which constructions. A research which goes beyond fashion, because it looks at the world all over around: with an expert eye we watch the catwalks, but also shops and small open markets; we observe cool hunters and the most popular blogs, but also common people; we study the different innovations and tendencies also in art, cooking, cinema….in one word, only a particular sensibility for this all allows us to draw the guidelines of our collections.

We study the structure of new fabrics, we design the graphics of different articles and we create the colors shades. All this not only for the seasonal collections, but also and foremost for the exclusives of single clients; a team working involving our style department, the sales force and the designers of the fashion brands and maison, which allow the making of original fabrics, studied especially for them.

From 60/1 to 300/2, going through 80/1 compact: the choice among the best yarns is a crucial moment, then, for this reason, we only purchase the best kinds of cotton in the world, both in quality and innovation terms. We pay high attention to the proper spinning phase because only a precise combing and torsion can create those paramount yarns able to give us the best colour appeal, the perfect quality of white and a particular pleasantness of touch. The yarns purchased are electronically checked in order to eliminate all imperfections and contaminations and they are made ready for the yarn dyeing phase.

The cones are dyed in the selected colors, with machineries able to support the different yarns quantities and, once dyed, they are carefully checked in order to verify the correct shade.

The latest control is done on the finished fabrics internally by the quality laboratory, given that quality is one of our paramount values.

Just like weaving is the hearth of fabrics, finishing is its soul! Through the finishing, indeed, personality and shine are added to the fabric. This result is reached with the bleaching and mercerizing, with the first process it is reached the desired shade of white, while the second modifies the cotton particle, giving it its own special shine. Besides all this, we make all those operations that can be done on a fabric in order to improve its appearance, its touch and its characteristics. These phases, called, finishing, can be for example raising, brushing or chintzing; on the base of the need, there are also special easy-care or no iron treatments. We believe this to be a very delicate and complex phase, then we have chosen a deep and close collaboration with our finishing in order to assure the best results.

This phase is not a simple packaging: it allows us especially to be able to check every single meters before it is delivered to our clients.

Since several years we have broadened our offer, studying special fabrics, such as velvets, air-tex, jersey, piquet or plissè, which require specific manufacturing and finishing. We also have printed and coated fabrics, which are specifically prepared during the finishing phase to undergo the next manufacturing process. More precisely, the printing can be traditional printing (with cylinders), including etching “Lexus” as well, in order to have the shirting classic designs, or inkjet, for the most complex and coloured graphics. We study all over designs, but also engineered or panels on the base of the different requirements. Last but not least, we can arrange traditional printing and discharge printing, and pigment printing as well, in order to have double effects that give very particular characteristics.

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